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You are backing up your personal files, now what about the database. Databases are just as susceptible to hard disk failures, viruses, and accidental deletion as your personal data. Maybe even more so if your database is getting frequent updates. In this post we will cover the back up and recovery of a MySQL database.

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Though your personal data is important and can be irreplaceable, few people ever think about protecting it with a backup strategy. Hard disk failures, viruses, and even accidental deletions could destroy you data forever. In order to protect my data, and in the continued belief that overkill is just enough, I do hourly backups and have 3 months of data at my fingertips. In this article I am going to cover the local backups. In a future article I will cover the remote backup strategy using a passwordless SSH

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Trying to modify a collection of files and directories can be time consuming. Here is a batch file that will do the work for you. Specify the path and/or files (this examples specifies all files and directories in the current location) and change the called function to do the specified work. Will even handle spaces in the file or directory names.

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If you run a lot of Ethernet cable, it is usually cheaper to build your own. Building Ethernet cables in bulk is easy and inexpensive. All you need is a crimper, jacks, cable, and a pair of scissors or cable cutter/stripper.

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KeePass Entry

When it comes to password security, a password should contain letters (mixed case), numbers, special characters, and be as long as possible. Also it should be different for each website. Of course this is extremely hard for your average human to do, enter KeePass Password Safe. KeePass not only creates strong passwords, but it keeps track of them for you in an encrypted database using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithms. It will even enter your user name and passwords into a website with the shortcut key of CTRL+ALT+A. It knows which website by matching the titlebar with the entry title.

It works on more than just websites and has limited macro code that can be written to get around those (attempted) “Two Factor” logins. It gets confused since some websites use the same generic names in their titlebars (eg “Sign In”). With Firefox, You can overcome this limitation with the “Customize Titlebar” plugin and the “Auto-Type-Window” functionality of KeePass.

Best of all, there is a portable version for when you are on the go. Thought it is only the 1.x version (2.x version requires .NET which breaks portability), it works extremely well. However using an untrusted computer should still be avoided when possible since your information could be captured.

KeePass Password Safe
KeePass Password Safe Portable

Customize Titlebar