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To clear the OpenBSD console on logout, change the tty environment.

    P|Pc|Pc console:\

change to:

    P|Pc|Pc console:\

OpenBSD ports is a collection of third party software that are ready to install. These packages do not undergo the same security audit that the OpenBSD base system goes through.

Getting the ports tree:

[user@host ~]$ su -
[user@host ~]# cd /usr
[uesr@host usr]# ftp ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/`uname -r`/ports.tar.gz
[user@host usr]# tar xzvf ports.tar.gz
[user@host usr]# rm ports.tar.gz

Search the ports tree:

[user@host usr]# cd ports
[user@host ports]# make search key=keyword

Install a port:

[user@host usr]# cd appDir
[user@host appDir]# make install